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Twenty six years as a Real Estate agent in Hamilton and loving every minute of it.

Real Estate Market and statistics deciphered. Hamilton happenings and Economic indicators.

New Real Estate Developments and all things  affecting the Real  Estate Market in Hamilton.

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Power of Sale procedure in ontario, Property, Benefits
Buying a “Power of Sale” home?

Buying a “Power of Sale” home? Here’s everything you need to know before you do so. A home is sold by “power of sale”...

Sale, Power of Sale, Foreclosure, Mortgage issues, Hamilton, Selling of houses
Foreclosure vs Power of Sale

Ontario Foreclosure vs Ontario Power of Sale What are the differences between the two? By law, in Ontario, a mortgage lender has the right...

Appraisal, High-value homes, Hamilton, Tips
High-Value Home Appraisals

Tips for High-Value Home Appraisals: Whether you’re refinancing or need a fair market valuation of your property for tax reasons, you will need to...

Hamilton, Listing preparation, Guide, Real Estate
Preparing your Home for Sale!

Here’s the ultimate 30-Day Guide to Preparing your Home for Sale: Thinking about selling your house/condo? Start preparing your home for sale with this step-by-step...

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